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Parents- General Information

School Pictures 2013-14

Dear Students and Parents,

School Pictures will be taken during the 1st week of school, on Thursday and Friday August 15 and 16.  Make-ups will be on Tuesday, September 10

This link will allow you to pre-purchase school pictures. Ordering prior to picture day will give you the lowest price and the quickest turnaround time and free shipping.   Use this order form for pre-purchase, or order online at www.orderschoolportraits.com/HillsdaleHighSchool This site will be active up until August 14.

After August 15,  click here for late purchases.  Late orders may require a higher price and shipping cost.

Class News, Notes, and Needs

HHS Events - Join Us!
Visit our Activities Calendar for information on upcoming events.

From the Administration: 12th grade Portfolio Defense - a Demonstration of Academic Excellence into 2013-14 and beyond!

We have been discussing portfolios for the past decade and a great deal of hard work has gone into the decision to approve a formal portfolio defense for all 12th graders who wish to receive a high school diploma from Hillsdale.

At the heart of this change is our push to ensure that students graduate "college-ready", with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed after high school. While the focus of much of school reform has been on multiple-choice tests, we want to ensure that students graduate with more a more applicable skill-set, including the ability to think critically, communicate orally and in writing, read for understanding and demonstrate responsibility.

While the new Common Core State Standards will help to facilitate these skills, our portfolio and corresponding school-wide projects will take things even further.  What we refer to as our "Graduate Profile " requires students to select high-quality work from every content area to place in a portfolio. Students will select a "major" area of study and prepare to defend their major and a Mastery Project during their 12th grade year. Students will have one hour to explain their work and defend their thinking to a panel of judges, including at least one teacher who has expertise in the student's major.

While the seniors of 2012 defended only their work on their Senior research assignment, (formerly the Senior Exhibition, now known as the Mastery Project), it gave us an important opportunity to pilot this compelling work. We are very excited about this new wave of school redesign and are grateful to the parents and community members who participated either in their son or daughter's defense over the past few years, as well as acted as judges for other students.  

As we continue to modify and improve the Portfolio Defense over the next few years, we very much welcome feedback from our students, parents and community.  Please let us know your feedback or thoughts.

Jeff Gilbert
Sandy Calvo
Cheryl Lawton

Senior and Graduation News

Please visit  https://hhs.schoolloop.com/Graduation for information as it becomes available throughout the year.  Contact Cheryl Lawton 650-558-2603 or clawton@smuhsd.org with any questions.